Meat Cutter Training Course

We currently offer an online Meat Cutter Training Course that provides students with a flexible and interactive learning experience. Using our self-paced online approach, students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. After each lesson, participants must take a quiz and score 80% or greater. Upon completing the online portion, students will have the opportunity to complete the hands-on portion of the course, which will be held at our partner Community Colleges around the state. In this course, students will gain a strong foundation in meat cutting by learning how to identify different cuts of beef and pork, portion meat accurately, debone and trim meat, grind meat, slice meat uniformly, and properly package meat for storage. Additionally, students will learn about the laws and regulations that affect meat cutting in the food industry, including food safety protocols and sanitation procedures. Our hands-on portion of the course will allow students to apply what they have learned in the online portion of the course in a real-world setting. Our instructors will guide students through each competency and evaluate their accuracy, efficiency, and safety in completing the tasks. Upon successfully completing both online and hands-on portions of the course, a participant will receive an ACCS credential. This credential may be applied toward credit courses at their local Community College.

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