Our Team

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Julie Frizzell

Executive Director

205.292.3394 [email protected]

Dr. Sharon Alley

Sr. Project Coordinator for Course Development

256.957.0061 [email protected]

Houston Blackwood

Workforce Director, Innovation Center

256.957.0090 [email protected]

Jon Catrett

Curriculum Manager

334.595.6646 [email protected]

Kailah Dozier

Director of Marketing & Corporate Partnerships

334.293.4558 [email protected]

Sandie Dutton

Registrar Manager

256.957.0095 [email protected]

Jessica Franks

Office Manager

256.957.0092 [email protected]

Matt Heaton

Career Readiness Manager

256.590.1030 [email protected]

Rachael Lusco

Manager of Course Development Projects & Initiatives

334.293.4591 [email protected]

Brandi Merrill

Director of Curriculum Design

334.293.4712 [email protected]

Amber Morgan

Sr. Curriculum Coordinator

256.957.0064 [email protected]

John Mullins

Sr. Project Coordinator for Course Development

256.957.0062 [email protected]

Destiny Smith

Workforce Manager

334.504.9710 [email protected]

Rosie Otten

Registrar Coordinator

256.957.0067 [email protected]

Grant Gunn

Registrar Coordinator

256.957.0068 [email protected]

Tom Chappell

Career Readiness Coordinator

256.957.0066 [email protected]

Fodina Henderson

North Workforce Coordinator

256.957.0065 [email protected]

LaTrenda Nicholson

Central Workforce Coordinator

334.293.4614 [email protected]

Darlisha Davis

South Workforce Coordinator

251.301.8063‬ [email protected]

Sydney Sullen

Social Media Coordinator

[email protected]