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Lab Survey FlyerSeptember 27, 2023
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Follow S4S on Social FlyerSeptember 27, 2023
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Sample InvoiceApril 20, 2023
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Student Liability Waiver Form for Participants Under 19March 28, 2023
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Lab Day Agenda/QR code for course surveySeptember 30, 2022
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Sample Invoices/Order Check-in List SampleSeptember 30, 2022
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Terms for CourseSeptember 30, 2022
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TPR-How to Submit Certification
TPR-How to Submit CertificationOctober 14, 2022
ELDT Behind The Wheel Hours – Class A
ELDT Behind The Wheel Hours – Class AOctober 14, 2022
ELDT Behind The Wheel Hours – Class B
ELDT Behind The Wheel Hours – Class BOctober 14, 2022
Entry Level Driver Training CDL Modules
Entry Level Driver Training CDL ModulesOctober 14, 2022

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Innovation Center FAQs

Who is responsible for transporting equipment if necessary2021-08-24T11:23:41-05:00

The Innovation Center will mobilize equipment necessary for training if training occurs in varied sites.

Will the college own the equipment purchased for training? Or, will the ACCS own it?2021-08-24T11:23:26-05:00

Equipment purchased for ACCS Credentialed programs will be owned and monitored by the Innovation Center.  If a college purchases their own equipment, the equipment belongs to the college.

What happens if two nearby colleges want to offer the same program but separately?2021-08-24T11:23:08-05:00

The purpose of the ACCS Credentialed course offerings is to appeal to Industry need in state consistency.  The courses are created, endorsed, and approved by the members of state industry associations.  Colleges can offer varied programs, but ACCS Credentialed courses for state model should be applicable to businesses across the state.  On the other hand, colleges understand the desires of local companies. It is always in the best interest of colleges to satisfy local needs.

Is it possible to work with other colleges to provide a regional training2021-08-24T11:22:51-05:00

Of course.  Non-duplication is important.

Is my college responsible for advertising available programs?2021-08-24T11:22:35-05:00

The Innovation Center will market all ACCS Credentialed courses, but all colleges can follow standard promotional procedures.  The Innovation Center can facilitate contact with industry associations as necessary.

Why are these courses custom and not from a 3rd party credential such as NCCER or NC3?2021-08-24T11:22:19-05:00

Most industry trainings require some college, no degree, and rarely an industrial credential. If a company requests a 3rd party credential, and the college is capable of instruction, the college should deliver in that capacity.  The Innovation Center is developing courses customized for business and industry.  The ACCS Credential will satisfy all requirements for “industry-recognized credentials.”

Which members of our staff will be engaged in the model creation?2021-08-24T11:22:03-05:00

The Innovation Center will work with varied members of your staff including deans and instructors for program design.  If outside expertise if required by a subject matter expert, the Innovation Center will contract hire this assistance.

What is the process for course creation?2021-08-24T11:21:48-05:00

The Innovation Center team will work with your college and your Industrial Association partnership to determine skills for training; modules, lessons and assessments that should be written; videography direction; and curriculum platforming.

How long will it take to create our course?2021-08-24T11:21:28-05:00

The Innovation Center team will begin evaluating each course and the relevant need state-wide for the fiscal year 2021-2022.  Your college will be given a time for creation, but each course will take approximately two months.

How will I submit for the ACCS Credential?2021-08-24T11:21:12-05:00

Visit the Innovation Center website at and click on the option for Community Colleges.  Enter the password: alabama.  You will find a fillable form for submission.  Make sure you can answer all questions before proceeding.

What do I do if my college would like to house training on our campus?2021-08-24T11:20:55-05:00

Colleges can discuss this with the Innovation Center and determine the possibility.  If a college hosts the training, an MOU will be extended discussing the rental fees for equipment and facilities.

How do we determine the pay rate for instructors’ work?2021-08-24T11:20:36-05:00

Colleges should pay all 3rd party instructors according to their historical rates for any training. The Innovation Center will determine pay rates according to the historical rates when possible.

Who will hire the instructors for the ACCS Credentialed courses?2021-08-24T11:20:18-05:00

The Innovation Center will contract hire instructors for ACCS Credentialed courses.  Each instructor will be identified as capable of delivery due to required experience and credentials often recommended by industry.

Will other trainers be able to provide the ACCS Credential award? ATN? AIDT?2021-08-24T11:19:59-05:00

Other entities can train ACCS Credentialed programs, but only community colleges award the credential.

What if my local companies want the ACCS Credentialed course and an addition of something else?2021-08-24T11:19:43-05:00

Colleges should work with an Innovation Center staff member to identify potential credentials available.

What if my local companies do not want training to take place virtually?2021-08-24T11:19:28-05:00

Colleges should work with the Innovation Center staff to design an in-person offering.  This process should not differ from any in-person program currently offered by a college.

How do these courses differ from our regularly created credit-bearing programs?2021-08-24T11:15:53-05:00

These courses are designed by Alabama companies represented by their Association memberships.  They are customized to be delivered not at the speed of education but at the need of training for immediate employment.  The courses all contain occupation relevant skills and real-world examples applicable to the job.

Will all of the ACCS Credential courses require instruction from a virtual platform?2021-08-24T11:15:33-05:00

No.  The courses are designed to be available for online and in-person instruction. Delivery decisions are determined by industry.

Will the courses that earn the ACCS Credential have barriers for participants?2021-08-24T11:15:07-05:00

The only barriers for participants will be determined by Industry Associations and what they require for hire.  Barriers include things like age, level of education, background etc. and the Innovation Center will not restrict enrollment unless a student does not meet the industrial requirements for employment.

What if I would like my program to receive the ACCS Credential, but I don’t want to share it with other colleges?2021-08-24T11:14:49-05:00

The decision to share Intellectual Property for state use belongs to each college.  If your college is not interested in sharing Intellectual Property for a course, do not submit it as the state model.  You may, however, submit your program to earn the ACCS Credential status.

By submitting a program for model, will my college be sharing information with other colleges to use?2021-08-24T11:14:30-05:00


Can we customize a program we currently deliver from 3rd party credentialing and offer both programs at our college?2021-08-24T11:13:40-05:00

Not recommended—if a company likes your current delivery, keep offering what you have.

My college has a program for submission that we currently deliver using 3rd party credentialing such as NC3, NCCER. Can we submit this program for state model?2021-08-24T11:13:00-05:00

The Innovation Center will be creating customized curriculum and licensing the courses on behalf of community colleges.  These courses will not provide 3rd party credentials.  If a college currently delivers a program requested by industrial partners and it is a 3rd party credential, we do not recommend the college changes the delivery.  This, however, will not be a program for state model.

My college does not have the ability to produce videos for our course. What will we do?2021-08-24T11:11:19-05:00

The Innovation Center can provide videography for courses. If your college has a production lab, you can utilize those capabilities or you can allow the Innovation Center to produce them for you.  The content and lessons for each course will direct the videos.

My college program will train many students, but doubtfully 200. How will I still be able to award the ACCS Credential to 200 participants?2021-08-24T11:10:30-05:00

For the pilot year, programs submitted will be offered in each college’s area only.  We know this might limit your delivery numbers.  Your college should invite neighboring colleges to participate in training your program, and your college should send students to other pilot training. Students who are from your area will still be your students, and your college will earn $500 each time one earns an ACCS Credential.

How will my college be paid for our model submission?2021-08-24T11:10:12-05:00

Payments will be awarded in two installments of $100,000 each.  The first installment is anticipated to be February 2022, and the second by September 2022.

My college offers very few CTE courses, and we cannot determine one for model. What do we do?2021-08-24T11:09:46-05:00

Please reach out to the Innovation Center for assistance.

Are we submitting new short certificates to accompany the ACCS Credentialed courses?2021-08-24T11:09:21-05:00

As we progress, you may notice a unique short certificate needs to be developed.  The decision to submit for a new short certificates will be at each college’s discression.

I would like to offer the ACCS Credentialed course in my area, but I do not have a short certificate to follow. Will this affect my accreditation?2021-08-24T11:09:05-05:00

We do not intend to change your accreditation status nor your courses offered for short certificate.  Our ACCS Credentialing Committee will help you determine which program is an appropriate match through this process.

Why do I need to offer a short certificate in addition to the ACCS Credentialed courses?2021-08-24T11:08:43-05:00

It is the responsibility of community colleges to offer opportunity for progression for all students.  The ACCS Credential courses should help a student enter community college programs, but the short certificate will assist them in advancing in a career.

Will the rapidly-delivered programs compete with those my college offers for degree?2021-08-24T11:08:19-05:00

There is no competition within the ACCS Credentialed courses.  They should assist all colleges in delivering for immediate employability and assist in recruiting toward for-credit programs.

When will our college program be accepted/created/available for training?2021-08-24T11:07:59-05:00

The Innovation Center will determine the order of production once all applications are submitted.  The courses should take approximately two months to develop. All 23 colleges will deliver training within the next year.

Are colleges allowed to submit more than one program for model?2021-08-24T11:07:33-05:00

Colleges  can submit more than one program for model, but the college will only be paid for one program for a state model.  The Innovation Center can assist colleges for many programs, but there may be fees involved for production costs if the program will only serve an individual college.

How will the college know a program is qualified for the ACCS Credential status?2021-08-24T11:07:14-05:00

The college  will be notified after submitting their application and upon the  committee’s review.  Remember each ACCS Credential must meet the criteria determined by the National Skills Coalition—training for a specific occupation, industry association partnership, skills mastered, and job outcome after training.

Are colleges responsible for job attainment after this training?2021-08-24T11:06:49-05:00

The Innovation Center will capture this type of data.

How will we track student outcomes, like which of them gets hired?2021-08-24T11:06:30-05:00

Completion and employment will be tracked through grades rolled to Banner.

What if a student prefers to continue his/her education for short certificate at a college not closest to their home?2021-08-24T11:06:12-05:00

Continuing education is a decision made by students.  The pre-determined articulation and student pathway will be agreed upon prior to aligning to the ACCS Credential by each college.

How will Elevate determine a student’s “home” college?2021-08-24T11:05:52-05:00

The zip code convention used through Alabama Works has been adopted to assign “home” college.

Will a student be required to submit his/her social security number?2021-08-24T11:05:34-05:00

Yes, all students will be required to enter social security numbers.

What will the “transcript” look like in our Banner system?2021-08-24T11:05:12-05:00

All NC/CE courses and programs and testing pass/fail will be entered into Banner. Grades (P/F) will be rolled to transcript.

How will Elevate registration merge into our Banner system?2021-08-24T11:04:54-05:00

Student information (SPAIDEN) records and courses will generate record on SFAREGS.

How will the college use the Elevate registration to recruit students?2021-08-24T11:04:34-05:00

Students will be recruited to programs through Elevate web-catalog using the college’s website.

How often will the college get a report on student enrollment?2021-08-24T11:04:04-05:00

Colleges will receive scheduled daily reports of students enrolled.

How will the college know which program the student has completed to earn the ACCS Credential?2021-08-24T11:03:46-05:00

System Office will generate reports by zip code to identify “Home” college.  The ACCS Credential will be noted in Banner and available on student’s transcript.

How will the college know a student has received the ACCS Credential?2021-08-24T11:03:28-05:00

System Office will generate reports by zip code to identify “Home” college.  The ACCS Credential will be noted in Banner and available on student’s transcript.

Will the college be responsible for collecting payment for the course?2021-08-24T11:03:07-05:00

No, during the Pilot year, there will be no cost to the trainee.  If the college has trained greater than the 200 allotted number in the pilot year, there will then be a charge for courses.  Courses should all have between $12-$20 per trainee for each contact hour, and fees will be determined by each program.  This fee will be paid as a student enrolls in Elevate via debit/credit.  The college will not handle payment in Elevate.

How will a student register for a course?2021-08-24T11:01:39-05:00

A student can register for courses on the Innovation Center website by visiting

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